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Chatham County Local 

Developed since 2018 to be gentle, productive, and overwinter well. These are selected from queen mothers with low mite counts.

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These queens are the daughters of queen mothers that are a cross between pure Caucasian and pure VSH lines. They are open mated with Chatham County Local drones.   

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Open Mated VSH 

Pure VSH daughter queens will be open mated in breeding yards containing Caucasian and VSH drones.

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  • Chatham County Local - We have 2 lines of queens that come from Carniolian stock we acquired in 2018.  One line (R63) was an open mated queen out of Sue Cobey's Carniolian project we obtained from Dr. Steve Sheppard at Washington State University.  The other (G80) came from a graft from an instrumentally inseminated (I.I.) queen that Joe Latshaw donated to Dana Stahlman, a retired queen breeder from PA who now lives in Raleigh.  Both lines are gentle, productive, overwinter well, and tend to have low mite counts although we do not represent them to be VSH.  We still have G80 in one of our yards and her hive is building up nicely.
  • Caucasian/VSH genetics - This line also comes from Dr. Sheppard's lab and are I.I. Caucasian queens. We trade these Caucasian I.I. breeder queens with Clint Brooks at Brooks Mills Farms who returns Caucasian daughters mated with his VP Queens VSH stock.  The daughters of these queens are then open mated in our bee yards and are a mix of the Chatham County Local and Caucasian/VSH lines. We started this line in 2021 so don't have much data on their mite performance, but they have overwintered well and are gentle.
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